H + 2 Lebaran, 700 U-turn vehicles at the Jambi-South Sumatra boundary

foto : Istimewa

Muaro Jambi - On the second day of Eid al-Fitr 1442 Hijriah, at least 700 vehicles that wanted to enter Jambi province had been turned around by the Muaro Jambi Police who carried out guard at the border post of South Sumatra Province, precisely in Mestong sub-district, Muaro Jambi district, Friday (14/05/21).

This is done to prevent the spread of covid 19 from entering Jambi province from other provinces, every vehicle from outside the area wishing to enter Jambi province must go through an inspection.

Muaro Jambi Police Chief AKBP Ardiyanto, through the Head of Public Relations of the Muaro Jambi Police, AKP Amradi, said that blocking the homecoming flow until May 17, 2021 was still being implemented, even more tightened by the Muaro Jambi Police isolation post. and anticipating backflow after Eid.

"Currently, personnel are still at the Tempino isolation post in Mestong sub-district. On the second day of Eid, at least more than 700 vehicles from outside Jambi have been turned around," he said.

However, there are several criteria for vehicles that can pass through provincial boundary blocking posts, such as vehicles carrying sick people, dead people, official trips equipped with certificates, and most importantly completing a covid-19 free certificate.

Author: Jeki Santoso
Editor: Septian